NorthStar Story

Lone Star Ranch

NorthStar Dental is a melding of Montana roots, hard work and faith.  Dr. Heather Ronngren grew up spending her summers on her grandparents’ homestead – the Lone Star Ranch in Florence, Montana, where she learned the responsibilities that come with living and working on a ranch and the history of the Bitterroot Valley.

Through a lot of persistence and dedication, Dr. Heather Ronngren earned her undergraduate degree in dental hygiene, working in both private practice and education before returning to school where she would earn her doctorate in dental medicine. Thereafter, she practiced in both private and public health and served on local and state committees as an advocate for her profession and patients.

Inspired by their faith, it was clear this was the opportunity they had prayed and searched for over the years.  Thus, when naming the dental practice, it seemed only natural to combine the integrity, hard work, and heritage of the Lone Star Ranch and the significance of a bright guiding star to establish --NorthStar Dental